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Go to sleep my son, forget the limit of the day
Go to sleep my son, I fluffed the pillow where your head can lay
Go to sleep my son, let darkness fall upon your night
For when you sleep my darling, dreams can keep away the fright

Reality is not for me
So the dreamscape is a place to flee
Reality is not for you
For reality leaves you feeling blue

But don't simply slumber without a care
Subconscious darkness can cause a nightmare
Where deepest, darkest fears are found
Nothing comforting for miles around

But I'll be with you at the setting of the sun
So go and dream and have some fun
You could run and play or fly like a kite
But the unknown is out there, so be prepared to fight

Go to sleep my son and go back into your shell
For when you sleep my son, I shall sleep as well
Dream of anything: a castle, town or lake
You could be whatever you want, until the moment that you wake

Don't stay up much longer, it's time to rest your head
Allow sleep to envelop you as you lay down in your bed
Close your eyes, stop lingering
And don't you worry about a thing
Go to sleep my son, I'll be here in the morning.

by Frank Riding (13)
Queen's Park High School, Chester

Competition - The Poetry Trials

Copyright remains with the author.