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The Lover That Never Was

On All Hallow's Eve
When the moon is high
Your eyes will befall
A beautiful sight

Her hair a web
Of golden locks
Her eyes a trap
Of death and love

Her skin as pale
As moonlight beams
Her lips as red
As the blood of demons

A dress of white
Flows down her skin
Layers of thin silk
Circle her feet

Her wings sprout forth
From her revealed back
Feathers of snow
Whiter than doves

A crown upon her head
Of leaves and light
Sparkles softly
In the distance

Your body stiffens
As into her eyes you look
Enchanted by the silver
That colours them

You reach out to touch
Her hand of moonlight
But fall to oblivion
As you tumble to your grave

For she is the wife that never wed
She is the mother that never conceived
For she is the bride that was left
She is the love that never was loved

So on All Hallow's Eve
When the moon is high
And your eyes befall
A beautiful sight

I ask you to leave her
Whilst you can
Or join her
The lover that never was

The lover that never was…

by Rebekah Edwards (15)
Independent Entry

Competition - The Poetry Trials

Copyright remains with the author.