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There Is A Moment

There is a moment
between a young girl pinching the ribs of an ice cube,
and the sudden clunk of its celestial body in the sea of a glass of water,
in which all things are silent.
The moment between the breaking of dawn, where the sun is still groggily awakening to the alarm clock of chorused birds, and the trees are whistling a morning
lullaby to the dirt.
This moment is found in the second before a new butterfly emerges from an enclosed cocoon.
Strengthened wings, cold, freshly formed patterns and the life it once knew, forgotten.
And if one looks closely, it is found in the charge of hesitation
before a primary school teacher praises a primary school child's finger painting.
It is the moment before the tide is pushed away by the sand,
a split measurement of love too infinite for humanity's eyes –
where the salty water lingers upon sand's chest –
where the young girl who gets lost in her thoughts,
loses a pink flip-flop to a foamy wave's tongue.
It cannot be found in the glossy pages of a calendar,
refuses to be recorded unless in some war veteran's retina
or the sparkling light of a baby's soul.
The moment between the changing,
the transformation,
the transubstantiation.
The moment wedged between triple-glazed panes
and squashed up against by those reddish noses.

Oh yes, it is that moment
in which I love you the most.
Oh how I love you!

But then the ice cube is dropped,
succumbed to gravity's touch –

and life moves on with its moments.

by Opefoluwa Adegbite (13)
Woldingham School, Caterham

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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