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He goes by Jimmy,
He thinks he's a God or at least a Jesus.
He's never sober,
He needs to turn his life around.

I never knew her name,
I made a point to burn all her photographs.
I remember what she looked like,
I just remember her as Whatshername.

He's losing his mind,
He sits there, drinking coffee in a suburbia paradise,
He has no one,
He doesn't have anything to live for.

I lost her almost overnight,
I went my separate way and she went hers.
I ruined my own life,
I didn't want anything more than love.

He's his own saint,
He's the king of denial and redemption.
He's lost in his utopia,
He creates anything but creation.

by Ethan Pennington-Treanor (13)
Kinver High School, Stourbridge

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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