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The Dragon Child

As the sun goes down, the lights sparkle bright
And the dragons of Wales they hide in fright
And the boy who knows is sad that they've gone
Unseen and unheard of, away for so long

The boy sits by the fire just hoping to see
The dragons come out and fly round in glee
But the dragons are scared of the lights of the town
And people don't know so they don't turn them down

But Old Father Flame wraps his arms round the child
And tells of old times when the dragons were wild
This makes the boy sad as he wishes the dragons
Were happy and joyful not hiding in shadows

And this makes the boy cry but his tears soon cease
As the warmth of the hearth makes him get off his knees
And he stares at the hills and he concentrates hard
Wishing for dragons only told of by bards

And then one by one they come out of the trees
Because of the boy, the boy who believes
They come down from the mountains and through the valleys
They come from the fields and from over the seas

And he watches them twirl and he watches them fly
And he watches them soaring so high in the sky
The boy stares in awe at the dragons so wild
All this is because of one single child.

by Dylan Andrews (13)
Cowbridge Comprehensive School, Cowbridge

Competition - The Poetry Trials

Copyright remains with the author.