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Love's Battle

With poise, with dignity, she stood in the light,
Her curls were glowing, her expression one of might.
Her eyes filled with terror when he joined his new brothers,
Now she understood, he'd need to fight like the others.
She'll never give up on him; she'll continue to soldier through,
Knowing, in her soul, it's her duty to.

He stood, he observed with his mind wide open,
Not knowing if he left, his youth would be stolen
Every minute he fought he'd be so bold,
Hoping he would get to return to grow old;
With her. He wished to see her, every hour,
But he knew he couldn't until the Empire grew in power.

She wished she could see him, hold him, be with him,
She'd remember where he'd gone, then her eyes would swim;
With sorrow, regret, grief. She'd think he'd be home,
Then shudder, picturing his body in the fields of Brome.
How lonely she would get, in the house built for two,
Weeping with his picture, yelling, ‘I miss you.’

Then, one morning, with the sun bright in the sky,
Her eyes met his – how she did cry.
She thought, he's here, he's home,
He smiled, then dropped his helmet of chrome.
She sprinted to him, in one flurry of joy,
Then she's lifted from the floor by her golden boy.
Every second he lived, he cherished her then,
Knowing he was lucky to see her, when,
His brother weren't so lucky.

Together, forever – one soul, one mind,
Through struggle, through terror, with love, so blind.
They were one, for evermore,
With one love worth fighting for.

by Amelia Duggan (13)
St. Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive School, London

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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