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The Autumn Is Here!

I love to stamp on it, bit by bit,
When leaves are crunching beneath my feet,
And the wind whispers in my ear,
I know for sure, the autumn is here!

In my camera, some pictures I took,
Scattered beauty, wherever I look,
Changing her clothes, the nature appear,
Let me declare, the autumn is here!

I can smell the apples so sweet,
Butterflies and bees, all having their treat,
It's a message, so simple and clear,
Believe me, the autumn is here!

I am so hungry for a pumpkin pie,
Trick or treat, don't ask me why,
Oh, my dear, no need to fear,
You should know, the autumn is here!

Soft kisses of the autumn air,
Gushing through beanie, to touch my hair,
Come on my friends, it's time to cheer,
Hooray, the autumn is here!

by Rishabh Macwan (6)
St. Antony's Primary School, London

Competition - Sense Poetry

Copyright remains with the author.