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Emily's Under The Sea Story

The sea was calm and the sun shone brightly. Emily decided to row out to the deep, blue ocean to go fishing. She was excited and hoped to catch a big fish!

After a while, Emily felt her fishing line tug. Enthusiastically, she pulled her rod hard, but slipped and tumbled overboard. Emily slowly sank to the seabed. She opened her eyes and was astonished at the sight of the underwater world she saw. Scuttling crabs, static starfish and beautiful tropical fish lived amongst the brightly coloured coral. Suddenly, the tranquil setting was destroyed by a terrifying, hungry shark. The fish fled and the crab hid. The creatures of the sea were petrified by the ravenous shark's razor-sharp white teeth.

A magnificent mermaid and her mighty sea king father heard the commotion. They swam as fast as a bullet to defend the frightened sea creatures in their underwater realm.

Emily heard the mermaid demand that the scary shark leave and never return. Reluctantly, the shark swam away and the sea creatures reappeared one by one. The creatures cheered and celebrated. They were safe once more.

Emily enjoyed her thrilling adventure, but it was time to go. She clambered back into her boat and waved goodbye to her new friends. Emily would never forget the secret, hidden world that she had accidentally seen.

by Emily Roberts (7)
Applecroft Primary School, Welwyn Garden City

Competition - My First Story

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