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Evie's Magical Story

Once upon a time, in a deep, dark wood, there stood a strong, tall castle which stood proudly in the sunlight. This castle wasn't just an old castle, it was in fact a fairy-tale castle, where fairy tales first began.

Inside lived a unicorn, her name was Shimmer, she was a fairy tale maker.

There was one problem in the Kingdom of Fairy Tales, a terrifying dragon! His name was Toothless and he was jealous of the unicorn and wanted to destroy her castle and her magic. Toothless was fierce with fiery breath and scared everyone to death. He was more scary than shadows in the night!

That evening, Toothless glided across the sky, quietly and landed with a little bump on the doorstep. He blew out his fiery breath and it lit up the whole castle. Shimmer was in big danger. She burst up onto the roof.

Meanwhile, behind a tree, a magic broom saw everything that happened and brushed itself quickly away to find Willow. Willow was a good witch, who solved problems. She jumped onto her magic broom and went to see the dragon to teach him a lesson and save Shimmer.

Quick as a flash, the dragon was turned into a house and from that very night Shimmer slept inside the dragon. The broom became her best friend.

by Evie Buckley (7)
Holy Cross Preparatory School, Kingston upon Thames

Competition - My First Story

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