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The Midnight Fairy

Megan was going to stay with her grandma for a few days. She always had lots of fun there. Megan had lips as red as roses and her skin was as white as snow. She was very pretty.

Megan had a picnic in the garden with Grandma. Afterwards, she played on the swing. She was feeling very tired now.

Megan went back into the house. She was getting ready for bed. Suddenly, Megan realised that she had lost her flower necklace. It was very special.

Megan was feeling very sad. She couldn't sleep. She got up and looked out of the window. She saw something moving in the flowers. It was Midnight Fairy.

The Midnight Fairy was holding something as she flew in the air. It was very shiny. Megan couldn't believe what she saw. She thought she must be dreaming.

Grandma woke Megan up in the morning. On her pillow lay her special necklace. The flower replaced by a fairy. It was covered in fairy dust. She was very excited and happy. It hadn't been a dream!

by Simran Rani Nehra (6)
Leicester High School For Girls, Leicester

Competition - My First Story

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