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Jessica's Dinosaur Story

Once upon a time, Jessica and Daddy were sitting in a chair, a very unusual chair in their house. It had three buttons. One showed a dinosaur, one a rainforest and one an Egyptian. They pressed the dinosaur button, the chair spun very fast.

They landed in Dinosaur World. They saw two dinosaurs and a volcano ready to erupt. They heard rumbling in the distance, it was coming closer.

Suddenly, it jumped out. It looked like a brown, scaly monster. It was a T-rex, they ran away as fast as they could.

They came across three white eggs in a nest. The T-rex was close. They climbed a tree to hide and spotted a pterodactyl circling the tree. It was brown and red, with sharp bumps on the tail.

Suddenly, the pterodactyl picked up Jessica in its claws and flew away. Daddy jumped into the chair and then saw Jessica playing with a triceratops with three horns on its head.

Jessica and Daddy then ran to the time machine and pressed the button to go home with the dinosaur.

Once home, they never went on the chair again.

by Jessica Sinfield (5)
St. Mary's Catholic Primary School, Bicester

Competition - My First Story

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