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Joseph's Story

Oliver was at his very big house which was brown. He was an explorer who wanted to go on an adventure. Oliver had big boots with big studs at the bottom. He also had yellow shorts that were very bright like the sunshine. He had a leather jumper and some leather gloves. For weapons he had a big sword and a gun that looked like a lolly. He asked his parents if he could go on the adventure and they said yes. So Oliver packed his bags and added water bottles, some spare clothes and his sword and gun. He also had a pet snake. His snake was scaly. His snake was called Benjamin. Oliver took his snake with him to protect himself. He got on his black motorbike and he set off.

While he was on his motorbike he was thinking of where to have his adventure. The first thought that came to him was a rainforest. He wanted to go to the Amazon Rainforest so he went to Manchester Airport, got on a plane and set off.

It took him 13 hours to get to Brazil. Oliver went to a bus stop and got on a red bus. When he arrived he walked 10,000 miles and he finally got to the rainforest and he felt a raindrop land on his nose. At first he thought a parrot did a poo on his nose but then he realised it was a raindrop.

Oliver kept on walking and finally he came across one bug and then two, then three and eventually he saw 100,000 bugs. Oliver felt so scared he thought he was going to die.

He looked to his left and he saw ten vicious snakes then he turned to his right and he saw five black panthers that were as black as the night when it is midnight. Oliver felt so scared. He turned away and he wondered what he could do. Suddenly he remembered that he had a sword and a gun that looked like a lollipop. He got them out and he shot all of the bugs. Then a panther bit him so then he killed all the snakes and all the panthers.

He ran to the airport, jumped on the plane and went home. Oliver lived happily ever after.

by Joseph Cooper (7)
Chinley Primary School, High Peak

Competition - My First Story

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