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The Adventure Of The Merpeople

Drifting calmly on the turquoise-blue sea was an old, mossy rowing boat but… There was nobody in sight… Who was the owner of the boat and where were they?

Earlier in the day, two mermaids went out for a sail on the seven seas. However, the blazing hot sun dried up the mermaids' turquoise tails. So they had to dive back into the salty sea.

They swam down deeper and deeper until they met a friendly crab called Mr Snappy. He waved to them and said hello. They swam on but before they could swim on, Mr Snappy warned them about the evil shark.

Suddenly, the mermaids swam straight past the shark. He smiled an evil smile at the mermaids like he was going to kill them! One of the mermaids struck the shark with his gold trident. The shark swam as fast as a motorbike, in fear.

The mermaids danced with joy. They jumped up and down. Mr Snappy snapped and the seahorse blew bubbles of joy.

Finally, the mermaids swam back to their boat. They waved goodbye, got in their boat and sailed back to the beach.

by Brooke Taylor (7)
Gilfach Fargoed Primary School, Bargoed

Competition - My First Story

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