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Georgia's Dinosaur Story

There was once a time machine, it was magic! It landed in my garden one sunny day. I decided to get inside the time machine and let it take me to a land far from here.

It was filled with dinosaurs and volcanos. There lived a big bad T-rex, but he turned out to be a she! She had eggs in her nest but only three.

Two were the same and were her babies. One was different. It was a pterodactyl egg. The pterodactyl egg had fallen out of its nest, which was above the T-rex nest.

I tried to get the egg back to the right mummy dinosaur. The T-rex mummy thought I was stealing her egg so she chased me.

I ran back to the time machine so I could get home safely. When I got home my mum called me for dinner. I asked what I had and she said, ‘Egg and chips.’

I said, ‘Oh no, not again!’

by Georgia Ward (7)
Parklands Infants School, Romford

Competition - My First Story

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