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Eva's Magical Story

Once upon a time in a bright yellow, golden castle a rainbow was outside the castle and everyone stared at it in great delight. They had not had a rainbow outside the castle in years.

They were so amazed by the rainbow that they didn't notice the evil dragon who turned lovely bright things into dull grey things and he made it pour with rain. When it rained the rainbow disappeared and everyone groaned.

But then a scream of fright echoed around the room. ‘Argh, argh, argh, no, it's the dull evil dragon!’ everyone screamed.

Then the dragon went into the treasure hoist and found a sweet little unicorn called Sweety Bell. She shook her hoof with the nasty dragon. Then he snarled and Sweety Bell ran away. She ran so fast that she didn't notice the kind witch in front of her. ‘What's all the hurry?’ the witch asked.

‘There is a scary dragon and he snarled at me!’ cried Sweety Bell.

‘Well I can make him disappear,’ said the witch.

‘Hooray,’ cried Sweety Bell in delight so the witch waved her broomstick and muttered spell after spell. ‘Listen and hear, make this dragon disappear.’ At that instant the dragon quickly shrank and a small bottle appeared. The tiny dragon was in there and the witch tapped the bottle lightly and gently, then the tiny figure disappeared.

‘Hooray,’ cried Sweety Bell, ‘hooray!’ Sweety Bell was delighted and ran to tell the other unicorns and the humans who lived in the castle. The golden yellow castle reappeared and the rainbow appeared as well.

‘Hooray, hooray, hooray,’ cried everyone, ‘three cheers for the witch, hip hip hooray.’ Everyone laughed and cheered. Next the witch went home with her broomstick. The broomstick ran ahead and got to the witch's cottage first, grabbed a sandwich, a tea towel and a long stick, then he ran out of the door and nobody ever knew what happened to him. I wonder if he ever returned…

by Eva Coorey (7)
Mulbarton Infant School, Norwich

Competition - My First Story

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