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Cameron's Jungle Story

One hot day in the middle of a boiling summer, me and my friend Max were in a soft play called Jungle World.

In Jungle World there were people dressed up as wild animals like zebras, lions, tigers and even elephants. However, best of all the walls and the floor looked like you were in the jungle.

Me and Max were playing in Jungle World when I said, ‘Oh how I wish to be in the real jungle.’

Then Max said, ‘Aren't you thirsty?’

I said, ‘Yes.’ So we went to get a drink. However, just then I felt grass on my feet. I looked down and I saw real grass. I looked back up and I saw real animals and real trees.

After two minutes of surprises I said to Max, ‘Where are we?’

He replied, ‘I think we are in the jungle.’

Then I heard a hissing noise, a couple of seconds later, I saw something move from behind a bush, something long but not tall. I said to Max, ‘What is it?’

Max replied, ‘A venom-spitting snake.’

We ran for our lives. After one hour of running we lost it.

When we got our breaths back I said to Max, ‘That was a fast snake!’

Max said, ‘It sure was.’

Next we walked on. We were walking to find Jungle World but on our way we saw a cheeky monkey, a parrot that copied everything we said and a tiger that looked scary. Then we walked on for a mile until a big scary lion pounced in front of us. It looked as if it wanted to eat us! Me and Max walked into a tree but we fell through the grass into quicksand.

When we got to the bottom of the quicksand it dropped us onto a slide which took us back to Jungle World. I said, ‘What a fun but scary adventure!’

by Cameron Gibb (7)
Crookfur Primary School, Glasgow

Competition - My First Story

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