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Araceli's Jungle Story

Last year, I went to Africa during my summer holidays. While in Africa I took a road trip to the western part of Uganda, which has a big forest and wild animals.

Most forests have snakes in them and this forest definitely had lots of them and they were all over the forest, looking for mice and small birds to eat for food.

There was the very big snake that was right above us and it was hissing at us very aggressively. We thought it was telling us not to come near its dead bird in the nest.

Suddenly, there was a big loud noise that reminded me of a lion. We looked back and indeed it was a lion. We got even more scared and tried to run fast, away from the lion.

For a few minutes we looked at the lion and it looked right back at us in a smiling kind of way. It started following us, so we screamed loudly while we ran away.

We ran towards the little house. We could see the lion through the window standing on its two feet like a human.

by Araceli Kigozi (7)
St. Joseph's RC Primary School, Bermondsey

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