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Oliver's Under The Sea Story

King Albert and his daughter, Princess Miranda, were out fishing on the calm sea when they felt a huge bump and they were thrown into the water with a splash!

Barry, the magic crab, heard the panic in the water and shouted his fishy friends for help.

Just then Snapper, the scary and hungry shark, arrived. He wanted to eat the princess for dinner!

With a snap of his jaws, Barry turned their legs into fish tails and Barry gave the king a magic fork to chase the scared shark away.

The king and princess loved their new tails and swam and danced all day long and were the best friends forever.

They waved goodbye to their old, empty boat and hello to a new life as King Albert the merman and Princess Miranda the mermaid.

by Oliver Lunt (7)
Oldfield Primary School, Chester

Competition - My First Story

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