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Cinderella - Beauty Is Inside

'Cinderella!' he cried, with panic. 'You forgot your shoe!'

Midnight. A yellow light flashed, Cinderella was blinded for a minute. Blinking, she expected to be back in her rags, but that was not the case. A green-eyed monster, shaking with rage, replaced the prince. 'What's happened?' Cinderella exclaimed.

A fairy godmother appeared at once. 'Look around you,' she laughed, 'can you see all these green-eyed monsters, staring with envy?'

'What do you mean?' Cinderella asked.

'When the clock struck, everyone turned into what they really are,' she said, pointing at Cinderella's heart, 'in here.'

by Ellie-Mae Crick (14)
South Wigston High School, Wigston

Competition - Grim Tales

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