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A City At Night

Houses scream in agony every time the wind blows,
Skyscrapers reach for the moon but can’t quite get there,
The sky cries throughout the night begging for the morning,
Singing, the town clock longs for the dawn to come,
Walls sit patiently beside the road wanting to be climbed upon,
Peering and poking, the lights search for each other through the darkness,
Cars sit staring into the sky, thinking of the gleaming sun,
A house sings a sad song every time the rain pounds his head,
He wants to die or at least the sun to shine,
Suddenly the sun appears out of the blue,
The tears dry up,
The wall is no longer sitting, but standing proudly
Whilst children clamber up and onto him,
Lights no longer peer and poke but not smile and shine,
The city is happy and gleaming with tears of joy!

by Samuel Johns (10)

Competition - Poetry Detectives

Copyright remains with the author.