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Crumbland, Formerly Sweetzerland

Princess Molly and Ginger live in Crumbland, formerly Sweetzerland. Many years ago, a nasty dragon called Puff destroyed Sweetzerland. He knocked down the wine gum house, set fire to the Opal Fruit Office. Hence the name Crumbland. Every night was not the sound of thunder but a lonely dragon crying. Princess Molly and Ginger asked Puff to help rebuild Crumbland to its former glory. Puff smiled and agreed. The flour soldiers swept the crumbs up. Puff rebuilt the wine gum house. Princess Molly and Ginger lived happily ever after with Puff in the castle next to Lemonade Lake.

by Molly Sharples (8)
The Echelford Primary School, Ashford

Competition - Once Upon a Time

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