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The Discovery Of The Lost Phoenix

It was a cold winter night. Melony Sweet was reading to her brother, Braden, about magical creatures. Melony went to bed. Suddenly, she was surrounded by mystical pine trees. From every corner of the forest, fairies fluttered. Cautiously, Melony stumbled deeper into the forest. There it was! A magical, courageous-looking creature; bright red feathers glinting in the sun. Melony tripped. A tear rolled from his eyes, healing her wound. 'I'm Tommy,' he said.

Slowly, Melony woke up and looked at her window. Perched on the window sill was the phoenix. Melony rubbed her eyes, was it a dream, or not?

by Lillia Hall (9)
Wheelers Lane Primary School, Birmingham

Competition - Once Upon a Time

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