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Muffin’s Idea Of Winter And Spring

The birds begin their winter migration
Us animals, we go into hibernation.
The winter is far too cold for me
I shelter in the branches of a nearby tree.
I collect nuts, then stash them underground
Except by me, never to be found.
Snowflakes fall in a little heap
As winter’s harshness rocks me to sleep.
The majestic breeze awakes my rest
Oh, spring is here! Isn’t it the best?
Twirling, skipping, leaping, dancing,
Whirling, jumping, whizzing, prancing.
My old friend morning light pays me a visit
And I see something green in the soil; what is it?
A sure-fire sign that spring is here
The plants overcome their frosty fear.
Mmmm . . .and they make a tasty meal!
My story is told and it’s all true
Do you understand life from a squirrel’s point of view?

by Annie Gidney (10)

Competition - Poetry Detectives

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