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The Joys Of Christmas

The snow falls to the ground,

As children dance round and round,

When people listen to the peaceful sound

Of the choir singing to people all around.


The children settle down in bed,

After the pillows were placed for their heads,

Their parents very gently said,

'Now sleep, as Santa fetches his sleigh from his shed.'


As snowflakes drift to the ground in the early night,

Excited children wake with delight,

Sitting under the Christmas tree all colourful and bright,

All hung with baubles is a truly wonderful sight.


Families laughing happily,

Presents laying under the tree . . .

Wrapping shining prettily,

On display for all to see.


Gathered round the table for Christmas lunch,

All the food collected in a bunch,

The skin of the turkey makes a crunch,

As people are eating with a munch.

by Madeline Appleyard (11)
Great Leighs Primary School, Chelmsford

Competition - Out Of This World

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