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Way Up High

As I perch here in this tree

I know there is no other bird

That could be as bored as me.

What is that, that I just heard?

I looked up to try and see,

But what it is, is far too blurred.

So off I fly, way up high, into the sky.

I'm in the clouds, I see it now,

I'm nearly there, not far to go.

I pass the stars and wonder how,

They burn so bright and sparkle so.

Way up high, into the sky.

Tired now but on I plough.

I need to know, what made that sound,

And now I land and look around,

Amazed by what I have found.

I'm on the moon and there's that sound,

It's standing there, upon a mound.

Through the dust I creep,

To where the creature sits,

As I near, the sunlight seeps.

I lean, I trip, I nearly fall,

Wide awake, it's been a dream.

I didn't leave this world at all!

by Lia Bourike (9)
Orton Wistow Primary School, Peterborough

Competition - Out Of This World

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