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The Prince Of The Sea

One night I met the prince of the sea,
He said he wanted to get back to the coral reef.
Lost and alone the prince got washed to the bay,
He wanted to go back where the anemone play.
Like a dog he was panting from the journey that he took
And when he tried to describe the rainbow that he lived in he shook.
Fluorescent shoal still with his wife,
When he had moved into a different life.
His crown of seaweed and a cape of waves
Were no longer looking in a regal way.
Distressed, destroyed and covered in sand,
The prince no longer made a royal stand.
The salty blanket that comforts him,
Has now taken him to a world so dim.
As the rainbow is fading away,
He’s wondered if he’ll ever see the day
When his family of fins and tentacle friends happily see each other again.

by Luisa Crane (10)

Competition - Poetry Detectives

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