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Stars are glimmering bright, stars are marble-white light,
Nebulas illuminating the whole dull night.
They are beady eyes which can spot our every move,
Some stay still, whilst some are on the move.
Galaxies away, some are still yet to be found.
Some stars are here, some stars are there,
Overall there are stars in universes everywhere.
You may be millions of light years away,
But you seem so near to us,
All clustered together like a box of sweets,
Your design is more extraordinary than anything on Earth.
Nothing can match your beauty, except for your fellow stars.
How did you get into space?
How did you get into my head?
Are you really so beautiful inside,
When you try and hypnotise my mind?
Why do we dream about you so much?
After all you are just a ball of hot swirling gas.

by Noah Zenios (10)

Competition - Poetry Detectives

Copyright remains with the author.