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Wake up today and look at the time
Throwing off the blankets and out of bed I climb.
Rushing to the closet and pulling out a shirt.
I am just so frustrated, and not very alert.
Putting on my trousers, then my socks and shoes and coat.
Taped onto the wall, I find a tiny note.
‘Hurry up!’ it says, and I tear it from the wall
I sprint right down the hallway and then I trip and fall.
I get up and run down the stairs, as fast as I can go.
My mum’s not in the kitchen so I have to go solo.
I stuff things in my lunch box. They’re hard and grey, I could have swore,
But it’s too late to wonder, ’cause I’m racing out the door.
It’s almost lunch at school, the time I need to beat.
I open my lunch box and have only spoons to eat!

by Miranda Hitchens (9)

Competition - Poetry Detectives

Copyright remains with the author.