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The Caribbean

The warm, soft sand in-between tickly toes,
The soft, tingly taste of banana and mangoes
Children playing in the deep blue sea,
Adults sleeping in their armchair having sweet dreams.
Palm tree swaying in the gentle breeze,
People making sure children are wearing suncream
Everybody eating glorious delicious food,
Making sure everyone is in a good mood.
The smell of spicy food drifting in the air,
Everyone suddenly stops and stares
The warm, soft sand blowing on my back,
The waves crashing on rocks like a gentle attack.
Caribbean music playing in the distance,
Nobody has had a day like this since Christmas
Everybody loves the beach so they don’t want to leave
People sitting in the sun as they read.

by Melanie Okai (9)

Competition - Poetry Detectives

Copyright remains with the author.