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My Grandad

My most special person in the world is my precious grandad
But he lives so far away from me
So sometimes I feel sad.
He lives right by the seaside
And in summer we go and stay
Then I drag him to the beach
Every single day
When Mummy talks to him on the phone
I can be very loud
But Grandad doesn't tell me off
Because he's always proud
We talk about football lots
But support different teams
Arsenal beating Chelsea is just in Grandad's dreams
We laugh so much together
We can get in such a state
I don't just view him as my grandad
But also my best mate.
He plays my football game with me
But gets in such a muddle
But when I see him looking sad
I give him a big cuddle.
My grandad has a bad foot and is in pain every day
But when he spends time with me
He still tries to play
My grandad has a special place deep within my heart
And I will always be so happy
As long as we never have to part.

by Teddy Collins (8)
Wood End Park Academy, Hayes

Competition - Out Of This World

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