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The Unicorn's Journey

On Pluto there lived a unicorn
But he was lonely and cold.
He set off to find some heat and friends
Before he became too old.
He travelled to Neptune and Uranus
But they weren't quite his style.
Then he galloped around Saturn's rings
And that kept him happy for a while.
After, he explored huge Jupiter
But there were no unicorns there.
So he carried on to Mars
Which was also barren and bare.
He made friends with the horses on Earth
Who gave him a clue where to go.
'Unicorns like it really hot,
They're nearer the sun you know!'
He stopped briefly on Venus to rest
For he knew his journey was near an end.
Finally, he arrived on Mercury
Where he met his new unicorn friends.
Happily he galloped around
Enjoying his new friends and the heat.
The sun restored their powers
From their horns to their feet!

by Holly Parsons (10)
Huish Primary School, Yeovil

Competition - Out Of This World

Copyright remains with the author.