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Jack's Dinosaur Story

I went in a time machine and it took me to Dinosaur Land. I felt happy because I saw a T-rex and it gave me a present.

I opened the present and there was Lego in it. A volcano erupted and I ran towards the T-rex and he gave me a ride.

We ran and ran and hid in the bushes. We saw some eggs but they were up too high.

The T-rex didn't want the eggs because he thought the pterodactyl would chase him.

The pterodactyl was happy because the T-rex didn't eat his eggs. The volcano was still erupting and we ran back to the time machine as fast as we could.

The T-rex came in the time machine and became my pet.

by Jack Roberts (5)
Ashville College Pre-Prep School, Harrogate

Competition - My First Story

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