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Chloe-Rayelle's Under The Sea Story

In a secret cave, a young woman called Crystal was out exploring when she got into difficulty and fell overboard.

Down below the boat, in the ocean, there was a secret mermaid city. Snapper the crab was just outside the city on shark watch.

Snapper noticed a shark ahead and alerted the mermaid's king, Thunder.
King Thunder banished the shark.

Suddenly, a magical light transformed the falling woman into a beautiful mermaid.

King Thunder approached the strange mermaid and welcomed her into his kingdom.

Finally, after spending some time together, the king showed Crystal back to the ocean's surface.
Secret Cove is still a secret and a very magical place!

by Chloe-Rayelle Green (7)
Blaenavon Heritage VC Primary School, Pontypool

Competition - My First Story

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