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Freya's Jungle Story

The Burn family stopped their car right in front of a deep, dark jungle. They came to research about the animals and what they look like. They were also camping.

Rachel and her brother were the ones who got bored. Soon they explored. They climbed a tall, brown tree trunk and found a harmless snake.

'This is adventurous!' cried Rachel.

'No!' replied George, her brother. 'It's an exciting adventure!'

They turned round to look at something else but a giant, green cobra ate the other snake and hissed at the children.

The children were terrified when they saw it and fell off the tree. Just before they hit the ground a lion burst out of the leaves and ran and caught them.

The children thanked him but the snake was still following them, so the lion ran to the snake and killed it then ran over to the children.

'Oh thank you, Lion!' they sighed.

They petted him until their mum called. 'He can be our pet,' said Dad and the children.

'What a good idea,' said Mum, 'he's our pet.'

'Yes!' the lion roared.

by Freya Barnett (7)
Hermitage Primary School, Thatcham

Competition - My First Story

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