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The Hungry Snake

In the darkest, scariest jungle in Africa lived a fearsome snake. The snake was very hungry, he told every animal he met in the jungle, 'I am going to gobble up a nice juicy monkey!' Every animal replied, 'Oh, you horrid brute! I hope they all scrunch you up into tomato stew!' One day the snake wiggled his way up the trees where lived a family of fidgety monkeys. Suddenly he noticed a baby monkey all on her own. I am starving thought the snake, it's time to fill my empty tummy with some yummy dinner!

Slowly he crept up to the little baby monkey. But just in time the queen of the monkeys, who was strong and fearless, snatched the snake by his tail. Then she swirled him and threw him in the air. The snake landed in the deep, deep, sea where a whale swallowed him. In the belly of the whale the snake ate shrimps for the rest of his life.

by Maryam Sbihi (6)
St Mary Magdalene Academy, London

Competition - My First Story

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