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Darragh's Magical Story

Once upon a time, a little boy called Darragh saw a rainbow in his garden. Darragh was feeling adventurous and he decided to climb the rainbow. When he got to the other end of the rainbow he was excited to see a knight's castle.

Darragh had always dreamt about becoming a brave knight and couldn't wait to explore inside. As Darragh walked towards the castle he was met by a red and white dragon. At first Darragh thought he might have been a friendly dragon, but he was wrong. As Darragh approached the dragon, it started to attack him by breathing fire on him. Darragh ran and grabbed the broom that was lying on the ground, to protect himself but this was no ordinary broom, it was magic. The broom let out a flash of bright light and turned Darragh into a pretty unicorn. To Darragh's surprise the dragon turned to him and started to play with him.

A wicked witch had watched the broom turn Darragh into a unicorn, and quickly ran to steal lit. However, the broom was clever and when the witch touched the broom, there was another flash of light and the wicked witch was turned into a frog.

Another flash of light spat out from the broom, and Darragh was transformed into a little boy again. Darragh quickly ran and followed the magic broom that took him back home again before his mum got back from work. What an adventure Darragh had.

by Darragh Concannon (6)
St Patrick's Primary School, Londonderry

Competition - My First Story

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