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Carrie's Dinosaur Story

I found a time machine in someone's back garden. It transported me back in time. It was awesome! When I arrived at dinosaur land, the dinosaurs were epic and scary. I shivered a lot because I thought they were going to eat me. I ran. I made a trail behind me. They followed wherever I went. Soon I saw a funky dinosaur. It danced and was singing wherever it went. All the dinosaurs were laughing at him. He was sad. He was crying when I met him. I made him feel better. He tried to eat the pteradactyl eggs.

Thankfully, I saw him. I told him, 'Manners!' He kept trying so I stopped him. He never tried again. The eggs were safe. We didn't tell the mum. We got the baby dinosaurs. The mum came back from finding delicious and yummy food. The eggs had hatched into three lovely girls. The mummy brought them sparkly, shiny bows. One was pink, one was purple and one was violet.

My adventure was epic, scary and awesome. The time machine was amazing. I can't wait to go on time travel again to meet more fantastic friends.

by Carrie Burnett (6)
Stuartfield School, Peterhead

Competition - My First Story

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