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In a mystical meadow something stirs,
The gentle sounds of unicorns' murmurs.
The wind whispers wistfully through their manes;
Their tails swish and sway as they trot along the lanes.

Their tails lift and gracefully they let fly,
Lines of beautiful colours that fly across the sky.
Arching like a rainbow; a colourful slide,
Slicing through the clouds while they float and glide.

The lush green grass reached out for its prey;
But its grip is slipping slowly away.
The sun smiles down;
Beating down on the unicorns' backs while they give a little frown.

Suddenly the stars pop out, glistening in the moonlight;
The unicorns neigh; all is well.
The moon waves goodnight, bye-bye.

by Sian Forsyth (11)
Swingate Primary School, Chatham

Competition - Out Of This World

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