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Out Of This World

My rocket took me into space,
Passing planets at a rapid pace.
Mercury, not unlike Earth's moon,
I whizzed by very, very soon.

Venus, known to be rather hot,
I passed by like a shot.
Just before I went to bed,
I waved to Mars, all pink and red.

Jupiter's red spot woke me up.
The rocket sped up, wouldn't stop.
As Saturn showed its icy rings,
I rushed past with rapid wings.

Uranus and Neptune, far from the sun,
Much too dark for any fun!
Distant Pluto, a bright star from Earth,
Was dark and gloomy, no welcome mirth.

The gigantic sun, giving life to masses,
Shoots out flames and boiling gases.
He sits in the centre, king of kings
While planets orbit round and round in rings.

by Darragh McKibbin (10)
St Mary's Primary School, Co Down

Competition - Out Of This World

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