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Every Man Has A Beast Within

Invading the maze... Insidious consequences... Now assured was his fate... In
monotonous circles the naive youth proceeded, fleeing from the creature trailing after
him; though never quite catching, snatching a glimpse. Yet he knew it was there. He
could hear the incessant breathing, the eternal beat of hooves. Suddenly silence,
secrecy, stillness. What was up ahead? A lonesome figure, standing strong and tall.
Closer, closer, closer. Reaching with an outstretched hand of curiosity, idiosyncrasy.
Never before had such fortitude been shown, never had anyone endured the candour;
until... the delicate touch of unambiguous cold. Glass! No, a mirror?

by Ealish Corkill (15)
Huddersfield Grammar School, Huddersfield

Competition - Grim Tales

Copyright remains with the author.