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Out Of This World

am emptiness
that fills you, my child,
with my million torches
that delicately dance the waltz

I rock you to sleep
every single day of your life.
You don't realise it
but I gave you the gift of having dreams.

You're my child, I gave
you the gift of life.
I made you be the only one
to hold life.

You hold all life's
resources in your palm.
I gave birth to the joyful sunflower
just like I gave birth to you.

I have so many children
but my favourite is you.
You gave them life
just as I gave you life.

I'm so peaceful that>br> you could hear water drop
from a mile away.

I bring the sparkles to your life,
so cherish me well.

by Osakpolor Orunmwense (10)
Christ Church CEVA Primary School, Erith

Competition - Out Of This World

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