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Sunrise, Sunset

The sun in the sky was cheerful and happy
Playing hide-and-seek behind the clouds
Showing people her radiant beauty
Spreading light across the world

The moon in the sky was gloomy and sad
Only coming out in the dead of night
Nobody awake to see her shine
She hides behind a cloak of black

One day the sun was walking round the Earth
When she saw the moon sitting alone
She asked the moon what was wrong
So the moon told her she was lonely

The next day the sun had a plan
She lingered patiently over the Earth
Then at five o'clock she disappeared
And the moon came out to play

Now the moon was cheerful and happy
And the sun in the sky was too
Now that there was sunrise and sunset
People were awake to see the moon

The moon and the sun are now best friends
Racing after each other round the Earth
In a perpetual circle of light and dark
Creating the days we have now.

by Ella Marr (10)
Muirtown Primary School, Inverness

Competition - Out Of This World

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