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'Echo!' bellowed Zeus. 'I'm visiting Aegina, cover for me.'
'But what of Hera? She grows more suspicious each day!'
Dismissing this, Zeus left, leaving Echo alone in the vast chamber. Echo was an Oread, a beautiful race of nymphs who rarely ventured down from their mountain homes.
Footsteps sounded in the hallway and Echo turned to face the door as Hera appeared. 'Where's Zeus?' demanded the goddess.
'Oh he's around but I was thinking... '
'I know what you're doing Echo, cease your blabbering. I curse you loquacious Oread. Henceforth you shall speak only the repetition of another's last words!'

by Emma Henson (14)
Chilton Cantelo School, Yeovil

Competition - Grim Tales

Copyright remains with the author.