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The Final Test

He was silent. At least a dozen ninjas had passed, oblivious to his presence. He was unnoticeable; he lay motionless amongst stuffed toys. 'Now!' Jeffrey muttered under his breath, his treasure clutched tightly. Checking around him, he hopped out of the bed and inconspicuously crept through the house - which was booby-trapped. There it was, the target! Cautiously, he checked for ninjas as he pressed ever closer. Large and furry, his paw placed the golden egg on the plinth. Suddenly, the room blasted into light! 'Congratulations! You're this year's Essex Academy for Stealth Training and Education of Rabbits (EASTER) Bunny!'

by Jonathan Burrows (10)
West Leigh Junior School, Leigh-On-Sea

Competition - Once Upon a Time

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