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Isn't time peculiar?
For some it races by,
Isn't time strange?
How it really flies.

From the first minute of your life,
You want to grow up fast,
And when it's the last moment,
You wish you could go back to the past.

Seconds turn to minutes,
Minutes turn to hours,
The rain pours down,
As the seeds become gorgeous flowers.

That metallic golden sunrise,
You saw the other day,
Is a heavenly gift from God,
To wake you as you lay.

The joys in life are hidden,
You only have the key,
To unlock all of the lovely treasure,
For you and for me.

So enjoy life as it comes and goes
You only have one chance
As the sands of time ebb away,
Look forward, don't give your past a glance.

by Amelle Turan (9)
Matthew Arnold Primary School, Liverpool

Competition - Out Of This World

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