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The winter wonderland so calm,
So peaceful and so glorious,
The glacial water
Reflects the everyday tranquil world
The moon commands the water to sway
Like a falling snowflake
Against the river panel
Where the weeping willows wail.

Snow pirouettes
United against the soft white blanket-like floor
Majestic jewels hang from the delicate branches
Like a clear crystal chandelier
The snowmen of such joy
Play in the carpeted wonderland
Making glistening, peaceable snow angels
Who come alive when no one is looking
Elongated icicles are swords
For their combat.

Just as it becomes
That tiny bit warmer
As the sun smiles
At the sight of their laughter
All the silver snow evaporates to nothing, just crystal-clear water.

by Niall Eden (10)
St Peter & St Paul CE (A) Primary School, Bexhill-On-Sea

Competition - Out Of This World

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