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Out Of The Dark

I was sitting at the table,
When everything seemed fine.
The lights were off, candles lit,
The clock struck nine.

The moon was shining brightly,
Blocking the dark, night sky.
Setting a white, silver beam on rooftops,
Stars are twinkling up high.

Behind the door I saw a movement,
It was a black, scary shadow,
It had a ferocious jaw,
With pointy toes that looked like a sparrow.

The shadow was changing shape,
It morphed into all kinds of creatures,
One had spikes upon its back,
And another had sticky, gooey features.

Then it changed into a real monster,
With terrible tusks and a mighty roar,
With gooey blood dripping from its body,
With scars all over its body, it looked sore.

All of a sudden it had something peachy on its body,
But then I noticed it was covered in jam.
It was smothered all over its face,
Oh! It was only my baby brother, Sam!

by Neo Hatch (9)
Dallas Primary School, Forres

Competition - Out Of This World

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