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The wonderland dazzled as red as a ruby
Tea cups glistened like rows of bright diamonds
The Queen of Hearts shouted, 'Off with their head!' as loud as a gorilla.
(As lowly as a mouse,) Alice heard, and ran as fast as lightning.

Alice bumped into a golden tree, as hard as a platinum watch.
The waterfalls drizzled like silky warm milk
There was grass as shiny as a polished shoe
Every bush looked like emerald jewels from a far distance.

There was a forest which looked like enchanted vines growing like endless staircases.
Behind all that was, as big as a giant, was wonderland grove!

When you look around, you see beautiful magic like fairies
Wonderland magic as a rain cloud.
Everything shines like a bright sun
All magic like mythical creatures.

by Juliana Cortez (9)

Competition - Out Of This World

Copyright remains with the author.