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The Wolf Hunt

A colourless sky with no birds, nor sun
I shudder as I remember what I had done
I remember the day, feeling oh so proud
Hearing footsteps running - running like a frenzied crowd.
It all happened one autumn day
'You'll be a man now, son,' they would say
We heard a not-so-distant shout
And someone cried, 'Come out, come out!'
Galloping on my journey to manhood
I could do this - I knew I could
A gun held tightly in my clammy hands
Our bolting horses kicking sands
We felt so excited and filled with glee
I didn't think about the sight I'd see
We got off the horses, waiting in silence
Ambitious, eager for this act of violence
'Listen, son,' a rustling near the trees
The foreboding sound of crunching leaves
Then I saw one come into the clear
First came the biggest with no sign of fear
It growled and prowled and gritted its fangs
The rest of them came out - a mighty gang!
That was when the first gunshot sounded
Even faster the small paws pounded
Empty-handed, I couldn't go back
So I chased the strongest of the pack
Then the shot, the scream, the piercing howl
The laughter, the cheering felt so foul
It is that memory that haunts me still
Why, oh why, did we have to kill?
Yet I know it should bother me not
All I think of is the silence after the shot.

by Bushra Sharief (11)
Audley Junior School, Blackburn

Competition - Out Of This World

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