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Ode To The Duck

Your feathers soft, your smoothest bill,
With grace you float on waters still.
You have no quarrel, mean no harm,
Your movements swift, yet wise and calm.
Warner Bros and Walt Disney,
Cannot portray your majesty
To such extent that you deserve;
Your quacking to your wingly curve.

Bewitching in your eyes and beak,
Ornithological mystique.
You do not fight, do not have foes.
No battle for those joined up toes.
Your orange ankles, small webbed feet,
Your trusting eyes know no deceit.
Your wonder for your little pond,
Each fly and fish, each fern and frond.

You thing of peace, not to be feared.
I'd kiss you duck, but that's just weird.

by Hugo Bush (0)
The Roseland Community College, Truro

Competition - Poetopia

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